APX 4000 Carrier/Holster


I’m trying to find some sort of radio holster or carrier or case for my apx 4000. I really like the plastic cases for the 6000 series and up. I have been a traveling man, searching from east to west and west to east trying to find something, other than the battery belt clip and the leather holsters for duty belts. Have any of y’all found anything that fits those parameters? If so, i’m all ears!!

Thanks in advance!!


I have a Maxpedition CP-L radio holder that is adjustable to fit most any handheld. It has MOLLE straps or can be worn on the belt. I have used it to carry different radios on a backpack, a tac vest and the dash of a Jeep. It isn’t perfect but it works.

Thanks for your input. I’ve used a lot of those types of radio holders through my years in the military and they were never satisfying to use. I try to stay away from anything like that now. I’m hoping I won’t have to resort to using another one.