anyone had experience of the puxing 777 or 888

anyone had experience of the puxing? 777 888 and i would like to know the rough range of these over the gxt900 midland?

They are not legal for use in the US, if that matters to you.

hello well i am in uk

I have a puxing px888 and its a great handheld radio. I got mine from hk360radio. 48 quid delivered to my door. The manual is rubbish and a lot of stuff you have to work out for yourself. Its ideal for 2meter has 5 watts of rf power and the 1.2amp battery lasts for ages. Its the radio bargain of the decade. One thing against it that lets it down is the mic position as its positioned away from the tiny hole in the front case and doesnt give great transmit audio. It can be fixed easy by opening it up and making a new hole infront of the mic. Or a seperate speaker mic can be bought for around a tenner delivered which works great. A must have is a female sma to bnc adaptor there only 3 quid and it allows you to plug into any antenna.

Then make sure the radio has “CE” certification, or it will not be legal in the UK.