Anybody try these micro radio?

Found these on Aliexpress and thought they might be fun to play with on a storm day here.

Somebody tested them, absolutely no output filtering, strong harmonics even in GHz range (even at 12GHz), low power, single-purpose chip. You can find more info starting at QS dev TG group (hopefully the link is allowed)

I would probably not risk using it.

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Why would you buy anything from Aliexpress? It’s a total Chinese company. If you have to buy Chinese products, at least buy them from an American company.

Why would i buy the same item from an American company at a 300% mark up like Amazon does?

It’s a market economy. Adding a middle man increases cost for the end user, but hopefully adds an element of protection for things like repairs and sometimes warranty? In theory, many Chinese direct sales come with a possibility of returning for full credit and a warranty, but, and it is an important but, this is often with return postage being covered by the buyer, and from the UK to china with ups, fedex etc can cost a fortune! A radio could easily be 50 dollars/pounds. The return for repair route also adds possibly two months to the process. In the UK, many people, including the resellers have to factor in 20% VAT plus maybe 12 pounds for ups/fedex charges. In practice, a reseller would have to add a big margin to make any money, especially on accessories. A mic that sells direct for 6 pounds, I sell for 19. I make the price of a happy meal for my grandkids! However, people prefer buying them from me, because they know I’ll take a refund on the chin if they change their minds within 14 days! That wipes out half the profit! I encourage people to buy direct if they’re willing to take the risk. I have an AliExpress business account. The protection works well. Two problems in five years and only with new sellers. AliExpress refunded me both times. As a new personal buyer, that system works less well of course.

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After the previous administration changed the free trade agreements between Canada and the US, it costs me alot more to import things from the states.

And its easier buying direct from the supplier.

This may be a stupid question, but does every road that crosses the US/CANADA border got a sort of checkpost/border control? In Northern Ireland, it’s very common for people to drive over the line on the map and fill their cars up at petrol stations in the next country, or buy goods and take them home? How does it work on your side of the atlantic?

There are specified crossing points. And now you need a passport after 911. We dont have any border walls here, and in places people do walk across.

There are towns where the line goes through the town, not sure about those places in Quebec.

Thats where they walk across freely.

You can cross with x amount of goods for free but im not sure numbers anymore.

Sounds really complicated. I had heard there were loads of rules over things like liquids - so you can’t buy certain cleaning solutions or paint or stuff like that? We just have a tax situation. I can drive my van to Liverpool and get on the ferry with it, full of my own gear - and get off in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I can then drive into Southern Ireland - a different country. However, if I am carrying other people’s gear, or it’s 100% business, then I need a carnet! - to go from England to Northern Ireland, both of which are part of the United Kingdom. It’s really stupid!

Personally I haven’t traveled to the US since before you needed a passport and I have no real want or need to go there.

I would like to go to your stomping grounds though and see where my great great grandparents came from.

I live in Canada’s Irish capital as it is now.