Any way to make Motorola Rmu2080d and Hytera bd502/pd362 communicate?

Hello. I’m very new to the two-way radio scene but I need to ask someone knowledgeable if there is a way to make hytera bd502 communicate with a Motorola rmu2080d.
The school inside my building uses Motorola 2080, I work for the biding and we have Hytera bd502 and pd962 (probably).
I know that Motorola is analog only but the hytera also has analog mode in it and, as far as I can understand, covers the frequencies of the Motorola (450-470ghz in uhf mode).

If there is a way to make them work together please let me know, if you could explain how to do it I would definitely appreciate it tremendously! I (sort of) know how to use Motorola cps and have the hytera version as well but only for pd362, waiting for a two-pin cable for the bd502 but can try one of the 362 meanwhile or my pd962 (or 982) because that one came with a cable and software.

My apologies if I don’t use the right words or if I accidentally posted it in a wrong category, this seemed like a general discussion.

Thank you!

They could, but you would need to program the Hytera to the supported business frequencies of the Motorola. The RU2080d has 99 pre-set user selectable itinerant frequencies. Some of these pre-programmed channels are set with a default PL tone as well, so you would need to add that tone to the Hytera. The Motorola can also be programmed to custom frequencies and you will need to have the CPS for that.

Thank you, I tried that today and came to a conclusion that they may not be compatible.

I think Rick is right here - there is no technical reason that these two cannot communicate in analogue - you just haven’t got the data in correctly - transmit and receive frequency then the correct tones so they match - then they will work. It’s a two stage process - transmit from Hytera to Motorola and Motorola to Hytera - most programming issues mean one way works and the other doesn’t. Worth programming a couple of the Hytera radios - so they can also talk to each other on the Motorola channel you have programmed - if they cannot, then it’s the programming. You just need to be systematic in checking and testing. Are you certain you have entered the correct frequencies and tones?

Hello and thank you for replying.

Yes, I tried to get them to work in both modes, digital and analog, unfortunately, I don’t have enough knowledge to do so, my property also does not have any repeaters installed (and, knowing the ownership, they won’t, mainly because the radios work fine without them at high power (4W) on all assigned frequencies, in both analog and digital modes, when I say “fine” I mean digital channels work on all 10 floors, roof and Cellar, from any point to any point on any 4 watt radios and analog channels work anywhere but the Cellar to the roof, which isn’t an issue the way they’re used by the school, they’re not a part of our FCC License and we’re not licensed to operate on business channels they use, according to our license, which we do have, as it turns out, grandfathered in from the previous ownership.

Once again, thank you very, very much for trying to help me out, your one of like 5 people who genuinely gave me a helpful advice!

I bet there is a hand radio club somewhere near you. If they’re anything like British ones, they have wide ranges of skill levels and backgrounds, and I bet one of them will be able to program the radios for you to make them do what you want. That’s what we’d do here. Always a good local source of help for radio stuff.

Thank you, I spent a better part of (literally) three weeks learning about two-way radios and came to a conclusion that 1) I still know very little or nothing 2) I have a wrong software for my hytera cps and, since I can’t get the right software, will probably have to force my boss to get new radios 3) two way radio industry is extremely fragmented, unpredictable and kinda awesome.

As far as this goes… I’m using a Motorola XPR 7550e right now, it works with both Hyteras and the Motorola. It’s big and bulky and has a plethora of features I don’t need but I was finally able to set it up today, without any repeaters. But now my radio works on a channel that was never assigned to us by the FCC so I’m kinda breaking the rules, even if it’s for the school that told me it was OK.