Any experiences with ICom F3011

I run a cattle farm with one employee and need to communicate with him. As we use 4wheelers, it is impossible to hear a cellphone with the noise from the wheelers. I have been looking at ICom 3011? Will this work? Any other suggestions? Thank you.

How large is the cattle farm? How much coverage do you need? Will it primarily be used when in a 4 wheeler or do you need to operate it on foot as well?

The Icom F3011 is certainly a good, rugged radio for such use, and there are other viable options as well. However, if you’re going to operate it in a vehicle most of the time, you may want to consider installing a mobile unit instead of a handheld for a couple of reasons. Aside from freeing up your hands for operating the vehicle, a mobile unit will allow you to also mount a mobile antenna on your vehicle, increasing range considerably. Mobile radios are also usually more powerful, usually with five to ten times the wattage of a handheld unit.

Obviously, size and limited mounting options can be an issue on a 4 wheeler, but there are mobile radios that are also small an lightweight with flexible mounting options for such use. The important thing is safety while operating a vehicle. It’s better to grab a mic for a moment that you can quickly drop than tie up a hand with a portable handheld while driving a vehicle, especially a 4 wheeler. Plus, mobiles usually have an audio jack so you can plug in an external speaker or headset.

Contact us and we will be happy to help figure out what you need.

Thanks Rick for the reply. My farm is about 2500 acres but split in two. I would need at least 1 1/2 miles in range, but ideally 4 miles. I’m trying to go for the least cost option, yet effective.
I would need a radio effective on foot and on a 4 wheeler. Thanks, Mark