I was going to purchase the Icom IC-F5011 VHF Mobile Transceiver. Do you sell a good antenna for this radio. It is going to be forklift mounted so I need very little coax or is there an antenna that will connect directly to the radio without coax. Also will I be able to communicate with our hand helds Motorola AXV5100



Hi Jim.
I will answer your questions in reverse order.

Yes, the Icom IC-F5011 will communicate just fine with your Motorola AXV5100 radios. Both are analog VHF transceivers. You will have to have the Icom programmed to match the frequencies already in the Motorola AXV5100s. It will not work straight out-of-the-box. *

  1. The Icom F5011 antenna output connection is called an SO-239, which means it requires an antenna with a PL-259 connector. As far as I know nobody manufactures a standalone antenna with a PL-259 connector, so you have two options.
    Opt.1 is to purchase a standalone antenna with a BNC style connector and use an adapter to fit the antenna to PL-259. Ritron sells a standalone, pivotable 90 degree antenna for UHF&VHF, part #AFB-1545. The adapter can be found online (I can post a link if needed).
    Opt.2 is to purchase a magnetic mount antenna kit with VHf antenna, mag-mount for the roof, and cable. Make sure to choose a kit with a PL-259 connector at the end. (again, I can post a link if needed)

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Alexander Brasowski, owner