Antenna recommedations for Jeep TJ with MXT115

So my MICROMOBILE® MXTA26 6DB GAIN WHIP ANTENNA for my MXT115 snapped just the coils. This might explain why, when I was trying to use it yesterday, I was getting about 100 yards worth of broadcasting might.

I’ll likely order a new antenna today, but before I simply order a replacement version of this one, does anyone have any they’d think would be better? This one hasn’t been bad.

I am using a Tram 1126B on my Toyota FJ. It is NMO so I don’t know if it will fit you’re mag mount.

The Tram is a good option. We use a Laird with excellent success. I think there’s a newer model out there but here’s a link: (link removed by admin- Please read the Forum Rules)

Check out the Antennafarm website for a lot of good options.