Antenna Recomendations for Handheld Radio's?

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Can anyone recommend an upgraded antenna for a business class two way radio (Midland BR200)? We use these for indoors and the signal is a little weak at the far ends of our buildings with the 2 inch stock antenna.

Midland makes a Unity Gain antenna that is about 6in or 8in long, HERE. But is this the best choice or do you have a better recommendation? There seems to be quite a number of options with low gain, mid gain, high gain? I only need to increase the signal slightly for better clarity and I don’t desire anything longer than 8 in.


That antenna should work fine for what you are looking for.

Those Signal Sticks seem amazing! great gain and they literally can be tied in a knot

I meant to follow up. I did purchase the unity gain antenna for our Midland radios and we realized about a 20-25 percent improvement in signal quality for our trouble area. The stronger signal resulted in less static which now allows us to use headsets in that area.

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I’m afraid I still think it’s difficult to beat the antenna that comes with the radio. The so called ‘better’ ones can have a bit more gain but always require you to keep the radio in a certain plane and make the radio unstable on a table and impossible to put in a pocket. The concept of a portable with extra performance is a bit compromised. Do you ever see police or fire radios with daft antennas? No. Always the stock ones for best practical performance.

It’s a bit old now but have a look here.

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