Antenna Question

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I am an Oversize Pilot and on many occasions work with different companies that have business VHF/UHF Channels that are used among all of us Pilots.

I recently purchased two TYT TH-9800 Quad Band Radios (Quad was an accident only intended on Dual Band), they seem like GREAT Radio’s and I have been happy with what little use I have had.

However, the ANTENNA’s on these things are ridiculous! I have been an Avid CB’r most of my life and am very comfortable there but I know VERY little when it comes to these other Freq’s… The antenna that comes with this Radio comes in pieces that you have to put together. They are VERY top heavy and at the bottom they have a hinge that is very flimsy at best. Most of my driving is on the highway, I CANT get 75 miles down the road without it folding over from the draft of an 18 wheeler lifting it up and letting her drop down!

As I Previously stated, I didnt need the quad band. SO, my question is this, can one change out the QUAD Band Antenna for a good DUAL Band Antenna? (I dont forsee needing the lower bands) IF so, Which NMO based antenna would you recommend??

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What is the specific antenna you are using? We often recommend a CR8900A with the TH-9800. It has a UHF male (PL-259) connector, which is also commonly used on CB antennas. Another option is the HV7A.

To answer your question in simple terms, it is possible to use a quad band antenna with the radio, as long as you aren’t stepping into the other bands that it isn’t designed or tuned to use, but without getting into a long discussion on antennas, it is best to match the antenna with the radio as much as possible.

Also, for full disclosure, the TH-9800 isn’t Part 90 approved for business use and is sold in the US as a ham radio only, primarily because of its ability to transmit outside the business bands.

Here is a list of dual band antennas for mobile use, some of which are NMO mount.

Thank you Rick… I realize this radio is more than the recommended “Business Radio” and as I stated I totally intended on just getting a Dual Band unit and was not paying attention at the time I hit purchase to the fact it was the Quad Band.

I believe the Antenna you mentioned (CR8900A) is what came in this kit. This style of antenna is the one I am having such a HUGE issue with. Like I mentioned in my original post, I can’t get 75 miles down the road without it folding down.

Today I spoke with a couple of different “Ham Guys” and they also said I could do what I was asking. That being said I went to HRO and picked up a Comet 2/70 NMO and am going to try that for now.

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About the folding down part. Try turning the antenna when it’s up so that it can only fold down to one side or the other. Most folding antennas typically will allow the whip part to swivel, so it you turn that thingy side-ways it won’t fold backwards. Make sense?

The “folding over” is a design flaw. I solved it by placing a 4" piece of brass tubing of the appropriate diameter. The tubing stays in place while traveling, and easily slips up to manually fold the antenna.

Being a Brit, I had a mental image of a huge fella trying to squeeze into a tiny airplane.