Antenna mast qeustion

I have an antenna mast question. I am planning my first base station antenna. I want the mast to be sturdy. I live in a one-story raised ranch. Without yet measuring, I would guess the distance from the ground to the peak of my house to be roughly 18-20 feet.
So my plan is to dig a 52"-56" deep hole for the mast (cold climate/frostline
issues). Set the mast (galvinized pipe) in Quick-crete . Attach the top of the mast to the side of the house right at the peak.
Here’s my real question…though everything will be properly lightning protected,in case of a direct lightning hit ,is it safe to have the mast attached to my wood frame house? No guy wires.
If it’s of any importance,I will be using a fiberglass antenna. Perhaps a 24’ Sirio Gainmaster.
I really need to know if others think this setup is safe ( and sturdy)

You will be fine… I know of several folks with similar installs. Just don’t go too high.

Might I make some suggestions.

    • Digging a deep hole and putting it in cement isn’t going to make it any stronger then the wall strength of the pipe.

The reason for using a tower and the reason for using a tilt plate - is to make the mast - if that is what you want to call it - stronger.

3 triangulated pipes - bonded with 1/4 inch rebar - 70,000 psi tensile strength - is going to be at least 3 times stronger then a single piece of pipe.

    • Unless you physically bond grounds to the pipe - CAD WELD - and put several ground stakes into the ground - 9 feet in each direction from the pipe - you are not going to divert the lightning away from the house - especially since the house is going to be in the way in at least one direction.
    • All Vertical antenna’s requires some type of ground plane to keep the power being radiated from going down into the ground and being wasted.

This requires a plate attached to the mast with at least 36 ground radials.

Putting the antenna mast against the side of the house defeats this purpose.

    • Your antenna choice is ok - since anything in the air is better then nothing at all. But push comes to shove - it is still a CB radio antenna and produces no gain - since it does not incorporate a reflector - as does a beam antenna.

When the band is open, it will work just fine and when the band is not wide open, you might not find many people to listen to or talk to.

Find yourself some tower - even rusty tower will hold something up.

Put it in the middle of the yard and use guy wires.

CB radio - I mean 10 meter - antenna’s needs to be at least 36 feet above ground and higher then the average terrain if possible.

Do not put the antenna on the top of the tower, this creates a lightning rod effect… Side hang the antenna - which will cause a null in one direction - just figure out which direction you do not wish to talk as effectively in and put it up.

The tower will also allow you to put up a good two meter / 70 CM antenna.

The key is to use good coax - Belden 9913 or LMR 400…

The Sirio Gainmaster is not a very robust antenna - more times then not, after a storm - you will find it laying on the ground in pieces.
I think the Astron A99 is a much better choice and the HY Gain Super Penetrator is even better - as long as you do not put more then 100 watts into it.