Antenna for GMRS base?

Hi, new to this site. Trying to get info on setting up a GMRS system for our hunting camp. We’ve been using CB’s since forever, they’ve been working poorly the last several years and we want to upgrade to something smaller and with less background noise. I got a pair of Midland GXT1000VP4’s (and an FCC license) and tried them out at our camp over typical distances through the woods, and they worked well. Now we want a base unit for the camp, and I know something like an ICOM F6011 will work if programmed to GMRS channels. But what about a base antenna? I’m guessing a simple omnidirectional fiberglass like the Laird Tech FG4505 would work, but what about gain? I see it comes in several different heights/gains, and I don’t know which one would be best for our purposes. We hunt in hilly, wooded terrain and our handhelds are within at most a 3-mile radius of the camp most of the time, so based on what I’ve read a low gain antenna with shorter range but greater ability to get around terrain would be better than a taller, higher-gain antenna? I welcome and appreciate any suggestions from folks more knowledgable than myself.

The reason no one has answered this is because, the rules state that the antenna cannot be detachable from the transmitter. by law, you are limitted in power output and antenna. To use an outside antenna would be against the rules, and put you subject to violations.

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From the FCC website:

“If you operate a device under the rules that apply to GMRS, you must have a GMRS license. GMRS devices generally transmit at higher power levels (1 to 5 watts is typical) and may have detachable antennas.”

Found at the following link:

Still seeking an answer on my antenna question from the original post in this thread.

You seem to have two different questions here. You want gain, but you also don’t want a large antenna? For short distance reliable communications just about any base-station antenna properly tuned will work for you as long as you get it above those trees!

You’re going to need a place to mount that antenna that’s higher than the surrounding terrain and definitely above the tree line. GMRS is in the UHF Band, and is very susceptible to signal degradation from foliage especially if it’s wet.

My suggestion is find a very light-weight but sturdy base antenna that tuned for GMRS, and get it as high up in the air as possible.

In comment to the other guy, you are allowed up to 50-watts of power with any antenna system with a GMRS Repeater. You can find some good used Business Band Repeaters on ebay for a reasonable price that can be re-tuned for GMRS.

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DPD Productions makes a wide range of antennas, both fixed and mobile that might suit your needs, including GMRS.

i just bought the midland mxt400 radio. VERY VERY new to this! me and my hunting partners have garmin 520 radios so this type of radio in my jeep will make for a good device for me.
I have a CB in my jeep. the antenna deploys out of the rear qtr panel into a big chrome ball attached to a spring and a 14" antenna. WOULD LOVE TO USE THIS BUT I’M TOLD IT WON’T WORK. i think i need a uhf 450-470 MHz antenna???
what antennas can i use to replace this antenna? use the same hole? in a lot of brush w this jeep so the spring loaded setup is awesome!
HELP a rookie out w some simple english so i can get it running. web links to product would be cool too???

The Midland MXT400 may be a better option than the F6011 for several reasons. First, like the F6011, it has 40W of power. Unlike the Icom, it is a dedicated GMRS mobile radio. It is also Part 95 type accepted for use on the GMRS, and there is already a selection of antennas from Midland specifically tuned for it. The MXT400 is also fully compatible with the GXT1000 right out of the box.

Range will depend more on antenna location and position than anything else. The higher the antenna is mounted, the greater your reach to the horizon.

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