An Old Wouxun Radio Gets a New Face

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TWRS-131We discuss the upgrade of the Wouxun KG-UV950P quad band mobile radio into the new Wouxun KG-UV980P, tell you which Wouxun radios are FCC type accepted, and announce some new TYT DMR radio bundles for your ham shack.

TWRS-131 - An Old Wouxun Radio Gets a New Face

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I want to know if there are a video review of the KG-UV980P in which show the operation of the radio, the setting menus. Are the radio are firmware upgradable, if not what are the latest firmware of it.

Good Morning Ramon:

While I don’t have a video of the operations of the Wouxun KG-UV980P, I do have this unit.

You can go to the Wouxun website at: and select the KG-UV980P radio from the list and download the USERS manual. I highlight USERS manual because you should not confuse this with the OWNERS manual that comes in the box.

The owners manual that comes in the box is a generic manual this was originally the same manual that was in the KG-UV-950P box.

The issue with the OWNERS manual is that the KG-UV980P control head has buttons that are laid out in a different configuration than the 950P, so reading the supplied Owners manual is slightly confusing at first, because the pictures shown in the manual are for the 950P control head. Once you get over this control head confusions in the Owners manual, and in conjunction with the correct USERS manual, you can easily figure out how to program this radio.

As for the firmware VERSION of the radio, I don’t know. I’m not sure how to find the RADIO’s firmware version. At least not with the 980P programming software from Wouxun. I can tell you the programming software for the 980P is just a modified version of the programming software for the 950P, BUT YOU CAN’T USE THE 950P SOFTWARE!!. You MUST use the 980P software.

As far as obtaining the 980P software, I wrote to Wouxun directly and they emailed me the ZIP file for it. I’m a bit confused as to why neither Wouxun or don’t yet show the software in their respective download sections… yet.

I was apparently one of the very first people to get this radio (Christmas present 2018) and I gave it a quick shake-out and discovered a few bugs the radio had. I was able to work with the Awesome folks at and with their help and working directly with Wouxun, they were able to determine the bug was in the control head. Wouxun found and repaired the bug, and shipped out all new replacement control heads to them, and they shipped me a new control head which did fix every last bug I found.

I have not yet had time to post my full review of this radio on the but I hope to soon.

I would (so far) recommend this radio. And, I can’t say enough about the customer service from ‘BuyTwoWayRadios’. They went above and beyond to stay on Wouxun to get the bugs fixed, and working with me to make me happy.

If you have any specific questions about this radio, please drop me a line and I’ll see if I can answer them.

Hopefully someone will do some videos on this radio soon. It’s still pretty new to the market, so I don’t know how soon those videos will appear.


Bill, de KG6BAJ

As far as I know the Wouxun mobiles are not upgradeable by the end user. I have a KG-UV920P-A and I don’t think there was ever a firmware update for it, athough I never tried to update it anyway. I just use it to get on the evening nets and ragchew with some other hams in the local area from time to time.

As for videos, it’s a great idea, it’s just finding the time to do it. We have a backlog of videos in production, but if we can get caught up we’ll see if we can get one in on the 980P.