Amplified Motorola Speakers

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I have 2 Motorola amplified speakers, that I would like to be able to put a 3.5mm mono jack on either one of them so I can use it on my scanner in my truck. Each speaker has a 6 pin plug that appears to be wired the same, but for some reason I cannot figure out how to get sound out of them. I would assume 1 is 12v power, 1 is ground, and 2 are for the audio. What are the other 2 for ? Anyway, both are wired the same to the circuit board… a large blue wire (maybe 12g) connected to “aud in”, small gauge (maybe 24g) white from “aud out”, 24g black/white wire from “spkr”, 24g black from “gnd”, 24g red wire from “A+”. I have no idea what the 6th pin is for. It doesn’t have a wire attached to it. Does anybody know how to make this work?

The speakers are :Model # HSN1005A, Model # HSN1000B

Thanks for the help !!! The local Motorola techs have been useless.

This came off the batlabs site:

6-pin J1
[Referred to as Speaker Connector]
| 6 | 5 |\4/|
|\3/|\2/| 1 |
1 PAS Input (Audio Out)
2 Ground
3 Ground
4 Unknown
5 PAS A+
6 PAS Sense

  • In order for the XTVA to know an external speaker is connected pins
    3 and 6 must be shorted. The radio speaker is then muted and audio
    transfers to the XTVA PAS.

“XTVA” means XTS Vehicular Adapter; lets you put a portable radio into a chassis, and then have a full size palm mic, and goodly sized receive audio, and connection to an outside antenna.

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