Can the little mxt radios b amplified

Well - there are plenty of wide band amps on sale, the question would be if doing so improves things. You don’t say which radio and band - I assume you mean Midland MXT - so have a 5W one? Not UK products so not certain which you have. The big snag is that the power output is pretty matched to the receiver - so going up in power means more people hear you at a distance, but you can’t hear them!

Do you mean the Midland MXT?

If so, it depends. These radios are GMRS radios. A GMRS license is required to operate these radios.

Also, maximum legal power output on GMRS is 50 watts. You would need an amplifier that would not exceed the total output power of 50 watts per regulations. Some of these radios, depending on the specific one, already approach maximum legal limits, and you’d be hard pressed to find an amplifier with that small of a power gain.