Amazing customer service from Cobra!

Not sure if this is allowed here, but to me, it should be.

I just posted a question about my 7200’s in the reviews section. I am having an issue with my charger not indicating that it’s actually charging. Well, I called Cobra and spoke with a lady. She said, “Well then sir I would guess it’s not charging.” I said ok, well, I bought these radios off of the internet and I don’t remember who they were bought from and I don’t have a receipt but they’ve never even been used and are about a month old. She said, “Well sir let me get a new charger out to you right away!” She took my info, gave me an order number, and the new charger should be here in a week! :eek: Wow, how’s that for treating your customers right? Looks like Cobra radios will be in my future for a long time to come!!!

I used a voltmeter on the charger and DO see voltage at the prongs under the radios so I don’t think its the charger, just the LED’s but either way, I can’t tell if they’re charging so that’s not good!

Moved to product reviews. Product… company… product. Close enough. :slight_smile: