Amateur radio repeater controllers on GMRS?

Hi everyone! Another fascination I have is of amateur radio repeater controllers, including hearing their IDs and courtesy tones. I own an amateur radio repeater with quite a number of IDs on it generated by an S-COM 7330 controller.

Before I got my amateur radio license, I seem to recall at one point scanning the GMRS channels with my FRS radio and hearing a synthesized voice ID on a GMRS repeater. I was just curious if anyone else has heard a synthesized/concatenated voice ID on a GMRS repeater before (or if anyone has owned a repeater with one)?

yes i have heard synthesized voices on a gmrs repeater. the controller ought to be no issue.

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Yes. It’s more common with non-self contained repeaters though from my experience. Those who have purpose built repeaters tend to use the purpose built repeater controllers. A lot of the amateur radio oriented repeater controllers simply don’t scale well to other applications such as GMRS repeaters.

I’ve been playing a lot with the ARCOM RC210 repeater controllers here lately. While they are primary aimed as a linking capable repeater controller, there are other things which they are also functional with but I find them to be overly complex and full of features that may be enjoyed by many amateur radio operators but they don’t handle other scenarios well at all and I really don’t like my repeaters sending PL when they ID but very few aftermarket controllers have the ability to be configured in a way where they can toggle the PL disable line on the transmitter for ID where pretty much all of the integrated repeater controllers (which are built for business purposes) have that capability if they have integrated CWID functionality.

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