Amateur radio Kids Day June 2016

One of my favorite Ham radio activities is getting kids involved.
I was fortunate this year to have my niece who was visiting her parents here in Texas, from her home in Alaska, bring her kids over for kids day

In the first picture, it was the start of the day and each kid was given a brief intro to CW. Each one was taught how to send their name with a straight key.
I was a bit surprised by how much they enjoyed it, and how quickly they took to it…after we were done with the day, they went back and got the keys and started playing with them again.

In the second picture, Molly was thrilled to talk to a ham in Alaska where she is from on linked repeaters.

In the third picture, the youngest of the group had to be coaxed a bit, as young ones sometimes do. She kept asking… “what do I say now?”

The fourth picture is probably their only bored moment of the day…
waiting while the old man checked the bands to see where the best place to begin calling “CQ Kids day” would be.

The last picture is the kids showing their participation certificates, downloaded from the ARRL website.

Great pictures. Looks like all had a great time.