Am HAM newbie looking for info how best use Baofeng DM-5R for tx/tr with local repeater

I am trying to connect to local repeater by setting up DMR with repeater’s req’d tx, tr, offset, and tone frequencies. But is there something else I should now do to prompt the repeater to send an indication that the DMR is properly connected to the repeater for tx/tr? Is there a tone and/or vocal phrase I should transmit to the repeater that would prompt it to respond with its own confirmation tone and/or vocal phrase?

Hang on - Digital radio doesn’t use tones? analogue ones do.

Forgive me, but are you trying to use a DMR repeater or an analogue one? analogue really is as simple as setting transmit CTCSS tone and the two correct frequencies and most of those will respond with a peep, or constant carrier, that drops a second or two after you let go of the PTT- so you hear carrier, then it stops. Digital repeaters are totally different and if you get the settings wrong, yoiu press the button and nothing happens at all!

Tell us what you are doing?

Thank you. I seem to be getting nothing, but the radio seems work OK otherwise. It’s been a few years since I last used my Baofeng DMR (pre-COVID era), and I would get repeater responses back then. I’ll look closer at Digital vs analog, as you suggest. Thx … 73

I think you’ve just got a bit mixed up. Quite a few of the early Baofeng DMR radios wrecked digital repeaters by transmitting on both slots, making the repeater unusable, but this got eventually fixed.

I’m wondering if what you had was a DMR capable radio set up to use a good old fashioned FM analogue repeater - which they do well? Your mention of tones signals analogue, not digital.

If you post the repeater spec you are trying to access - their website details are the usual source - and we can tell you how to do it.