advice on communication between motorbikes

Hi all

I’m looking for advice as i don;t know what i need.

My situation is i am taking a road trip in Asia with 2 other people on motorbikes and we would like to communicate. We will not have mobile phones with us and will need some way to communicate with each other and have a way of using it under a motorbike helmet. Ideally it would be a VOX or PTT system but open to suggestions. Not looking for the cheapest, happy to spend money to buy the best solution. Distance will vary but probably 1-2miles.

Any help or advice would be most welcome



Sorry guys, i did do a search but was searching for motorbike, you guys all call them motorcycles which is why i could not find anything.

Lots of good advice in the previous threads, but ii’d be grateful if any of you have updated info or advice. Thanks

Hi Steve, there are solutions available for in-helmet communications. It will depend somewhat on what radios you use.

Midland has a couple of headset kits designed specifically for motorbikes. Both the AVP-H1 and AVP-H2 have PTT buttons that mount to the handlebars. These kits are made specifically for Midland GMRS radios, so if you are using another type or brand the connectors may not be compatible.

The XLT HM200-MT fits TriSquare, Garmin, and single pin Motorola FRS/GMRS consumer radios. XLT also has a motorcycle helmet headset for Kenwood radios, the HM200-KW1. Kenwood two way radios are popular among bikers.

Two Way Radios For Motorcycles is a brief guide on choosing radios and accessories for motorbikes. We also offer the complete line of Techmount motorcycle mounts for two way radios, radar detectors and other electronic devices.