Advice for 2-way and throat mic

I work on a seal coating crew and we are often doing commercial jobs on large parking lots, usually we just yell back and forth to communicate, but that is not very efficient.

I need a pair of radios that have the following features:

-They need to be reasonably small, because the should fit in a pocket. (unless there is a good sturdy belt mount option).

-The range is not a big factor, we would usually be communicating within a few hundred feet, maybe a little more when driving in convoy.

-The battery type would need to be lithium-ion, because sometimes the days last 12-14 hours.

-Also they would need to be VOX capable, because the would be paired with throat mics, which brings me to another question.

-What are some decent throat mics, I’m not looking to spend hundreds, I’ve heard of decent ones for not a whole lot (also including the “FBI” earpiece)

If anyone had some advice on models/brands for either thing, it would be nice.
Thanks in advance!


You might want to give these a look:

They are compact and use Li-ion batteries. The catch is going to be a throat mic that will work with VOX. You might be better off with a light headset such as this one:

Here are all of our accessories for Kenwood:

Another option would be a CLS series radio from Motorola:

With this VOX headset:

Here are the Motorola accessories:

Thanks for the links…

Is there a cheaper model that still has Lithium-ion?
I don’t really need something extremely advanced.

Also, the boom mic would get in the way, I’ve used a throat mic before, and liked it a lot, but wasn’t sure what the prices were like.