Adding an microphone port?

Hello all, I purchased a Dakota Alert MURS radio, I dont have it yet but it is on its way. From what I can tell the radio only comes with a audio port so you can hook up headphones. I would really like the ability to use a PTT microphone with this radio in addition to the headset. Does anyone know of a different way to hook up a push to talk microphone instead of having the regular push to talk and microphone that is part of the body of teh radio? I assume many of the radios are internally the same so I am hoping some has experience with other radios, thank you for any help!

i am scanning through the link … you may do the same as well

(DISCLAIMER: Please note that this will require you to disassemble the radio and modify the existing headphone jack and PTT button.)

Ok, so now that I have that out of the way. There is a way to do it but it will require a little engineering/ design work to accomplish the task.

You can easily convert the current 2 or 3 terminal speaker jack on the radio to a 4 terminal set up (you need 2 different pairs because the speaker and mic cannot share a common ground). That is more or less a simple parts swap.

The difficult part will be wiring the new microphone in line with the current mic input. You can always just hook up the leads and give it a shot and see if it works but my only concern would be the back feed on the system if you have one mic input back feeding a second. If its possible, can you get a circuit diagram of the radios internals?

Is this the M538HT? If so, the earphone only capability was apparently by design. The manual emphatically warns users not to transmit while using the belt clip, presumably to discourage them from doing so while the radio is clipped on a belt at the waist.

I would advise against making any modifications to this radio based on the information in the Manual. You would certainly void your warranty at best, and if there is a problem there is no recourse because you would have circumvented a system limited by design.

What link?