adapting old with new

Hello Group
I got some new Motorola GMRS radios for Christmas (T8500 series).
They are neat, loaded with features. But, I use them with a radio-wired helmet. The helmet has the “old-style”, two-pin plug, and my new radios have a small one-pin connector port.
I cannot find an adapter that goes from the two-pin to the Motorola port, and so far cannot use my new radios. Anyone have a solution?
Thanks Mark T

You might be able to use one of those adapters for converting noise cancelling headphones to airplane use(single to double plug) I forget where I got mine, I think it was circuit city( or maybe universal radio) but they do the job.

First, you need to figure out for sure which type of connector your helmet uses. There are many types of two pin connectors available: Motorola business, Kenwood, and ICom, just to name a few. What type of radio were you using with the helmet before?

Once you know which type of connector your helmet uses, let me know. We do not stock adapters, but there are some types that I can special order. I’ll see if I can get one that works for your needs.

Hi, Danny
I was using Motorola 250 radios before. They accept the “two-pin” connector that is on my helmet. One pin is slightly larger than the other…I THINK one is 3.50, and the other is 2.50 (I’m assuming one is audio, the other is microphone).
I ordered some adapters that I hoped would work. They are CT-90, but the single pin would not insert into my new radio.
Thanks for any help! Mark Tolle

That helps a lot. The Motorola 250’s use the same type of connector that current Motorola business radios use. You need an adapter that will take a Motorola business connector to a TalkAbout connector. These are kind of rare, but I think I may be able to find one. I will make a phone call and PM you pricing information.