Active GMRS groups near Memphis, TN?

Hey all,

Brand new to this site and curious to know if there are any active GMRS groups in the Memphis area. Clicked on the GMRS license option while renewing my amateur license. Why not. Who can’t use yet another radio. Subsequently picked up a Wouxun UV9D handheld to play around with. There seems to be some repeaters in the area, but the freqs are quiet. Just wondering if it’s a time of day or week thing or if there is just nothing here.


I am in SC and we have several GMRS repeaters in the area, however traffic is a hit and miss, Somedays it can be quit busy and others nothing but crickets. Have faith the band is getting busier everyday. Welcome and enjoy.

Thanks. I’ve got an old scanner upstairs that I sometimes use to log activity on my notebook. I think I will hook it up one evening and just let it run for a week and see how hits I get on my fishing line.

I am also in the Memphis area (Bartlett). I have also been monitoring GMRS & FRS for at least 2 years using an old, but works great, Bearcat BC8500 XLT and a Midland MXT 400. Thought I might use the Midland to talk to some folks. Boy was I wrong. At the beginning, their was some activity. Now, I can go days without hearing anything, except maybe some kids with walkie-talkies. The antenna and coax are not the problem. These bands are just dead around here.
Glad to have you aboard👍

Thanks. I’ve been focused on my 2m radio for the last couple of weeks. I’m looking forward to giving the GMRS radio more of a run-through here soon.

What I’ve noticed about both services is I’m in a bit of a repeater dead zone.

I find it nearly impossible to hit a digipeater with my 2m HT for APRS purposes. I finally managed to so so this weekend after setting up a base antenna on the patio. APRS Direct has what look like coverage maps, and my location appears to be on the fringes - digipeaters in all directions with me on the edges of all of them. FM voice works a little better.

I can’t hit any GMRS repeaters either, though that could also be a user issue - I don’t yet know much about my Wouxun radio. That said, as far as I know, there are no repeaters near me. I don’t have a mobile unit and am reluctant to shell out any more cash until I discover life.

I’m thinking my attic may have to become a VHF/UHF antenna farm. My own digipeater may have to quickly follow.

I had seriously considered buying the Wouxun KG-1000G but the GMRS/FRS band here in Shelby County has actually become even MORE dead in the last year or so. My Midland MXT400 with their 6db gain antenna and LMR coax picks up the weakest of kiddie walkie-talkies, and that’s about it. The 1000G is just too nice for this dead area, but I still want one😂

Yes, the 1000 looks like a very nice radio. I’ve seen videos of guys using two of them to create a low cost repeater. The Midland you have looks pretty nice as well.

I plan to spend some time in the next week or so getting familiar with my UV9G. Where and when do you typically listen? Also, are there any decent open repeater options in the Arlington-Lakeland-Bartlett area?

My monitoring area is Wolfchase, Bartlett, & Lakeland. I’m not aware of any repeaters in the area, probably because their is so little traffic. I personally, would not invest in a repeater for that very reason. When I’m downstairs, I use the Bearcat scanner. I have the Midland upstairs in my office. I think if more people were aware of GMRS or even FRS, the band would carry more traffic.
What area of Memphis do you cover?

Define “near”. I am in Florence, Alabama.