Acoustic tube earpiece w/ wrist ptt?

I would like to look into getting some different style earpieces for a few of my officers and myself at work, Security at a casino. I am looking for an earpiece with the following:
2 wire
clear acoustic tube earpieces
wrist mounted PTT/mic (Like the Secret Service use)
2 prong Kenwood connection

We currently use the same described but with lapel PTT/mics and we have issues with the PTT buttons failing and, more importantly, picking up lots of background noise. That’s why I’m thinking the wrist mounted mic would be better, to help reduce picking up so much background noise.

I cannot find anything! Obviously I would like to keep the cost as low as possible but still get quality that’ll work well and last.

I’m certainly open to suggestions on other options, throat mics are not allowed to be used on the gaming floor and must be 2 wire.

Just found this forum, so first post and hopefully it’s in the right spot, if not my apologies!

Oh, I would also really like to get some semi-custom earpieces too if anyone has any suggestions where to get some comfortable ones that will last at a good price? Would love custom if anyone knows where to get them at a good price but I think the semi-custom would work fine for the savings.

You are looking for what is commonly called a 2-wire surveillance earpiece with PTT. If you check out our host’s site, you will see some models that split the two wires near the radio connector. This will allow you to string the earpiece up the back and the PTT up the sleeve. Just be sure it is a good quality name-brand (avoid eBay units) and the wires are long enough to go from the radio up the shirt and down the sleeve.

You should also replace the standard earpiece plug with an ear mould. (Buytwowayradios has one called an EL-100 Earloop.) This is HIGHLY recommended because it puts the speaker deeper in your ear but without blocking off the ear canal, meaning you can hear ambient sounds normally. This is what police officers use who spend 10 hours or more with these in their ear.

You buy the ear moulds according to size and which ear you prefer. They are very inexpensive, so you can buy an assortment of small/medium/large and right/left. The standard earpiece plug simply unplugs and you insert the metal part into the ear mould. Your officers will thank you; trust me.