Accidental gmrs use

So I accidentally used a gmrs channel on high power without a gmrs license now what?

it was only a two watt radio as well but still

Black helicopters, lengthy trials, mournful pleas for presidential pardons.

However, if this was a serious question, the serious answer would be " nothing".

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Oh good grief
Your not radio terrorist

I’m more than a radio terrorist I’m bout to DDOS every single government out there

It is okay. You’ll be fine.

Am told that the FCC lists all fines and punitive measures on their website as required by law. Not sure how true that is. I would check it every day looking for your name, just in case.

Just take the time and get your license. No test required. Just pay the fee. It’s good for 10 years and it cover you and your family. It’s a bargain