Absolutely 10 out of 10

My employer recently had a policy change where the bartenders are to have a radio and headset on all of the time. They use Motorola cls series radios, and their inventory of headsets was not desirable by myself. I wanted to get a 2 wire surveillance headset, and none of the retail shops around carried such.

After shopping around online, I determined two way radios carried what I wanted and at the best prices. My purchase online went perfectly. Immediately after I submitted my order, I had a confirmation email and half an hour later a tracking number.

The package arrived as promised, and it was exactly what I ordered.

The headset itself is of very high quality material and workmanship and has worked exactly as desired.

Thank you for you excellent service. Some co-workers are jealous of my headset and are talking about getting one as well. I will be sending them your way.

Thank you so much for the positive feedback.