A VOX unit for talking very softly

Hi Everyone.
Im new here. Got a question for anyone. I am a photographer. I work with another photographer and we shoot weddings together. We are looking for a really go VOX unit that will work when we are shooting and cannot talk loudly.
All the ones we have found cut off or dont pickup our voices.
We cannot talk very loudly because we will upset the people during the ceremony. Does anyone have any experience with a good VOX unit or a stealth unit for this purpose?
We are even considering a type like the Delta Force guys or cops use.
Got any help?

VOX with two way radios can definitely be problematic, and I have yet to find an ideal solution. If using a lapel clipped PTT mic is entirely out of the question, you may want to consider the Midland GXT900VP4. These radios provide the most control of sensivity, with 9 adjustment levels.

Sensivity can be as much a function of your headset as the radio, however. If you go with the Midland’s, you may want to upgrade to something with a boom mic, like the AVP-H5.

If you are looking for more of a business quality setup, the Kenwood TK-3230 is perfect for wedding photography, and there are several good VOX capable headsets that are compatible. Take a look at the Kenwood KHS-22, Kenwood HMC-3, or the XLT HS150-KW1.

I have sold the Peltor units to SWAT teams before, and to fire departments to use under their air packs (http://www.aearo.com/pdf/comm/earcom.pdf). However, they require a remote push-to-talk switch because low audio will not activate VOX. The nice things about these is there is not external boom mic requires since they work off the vibrations of the inner ear. Once the PTT is activated you can whisper and they work very well. There are several types of PTT’s available.