70cm not transmitting, but 2M does

Is it possible for 70cm to be broken (not transmitting) but 2M still working on a dual band radio? I’ve had this Anytone878 UVII radio for the past year up and working with a jumbo hotspot. Everything was great! Then one day it stopped working. No contacts showing up on the Pi-Star dashboard. But 2M works.

I had Bridgecom tech support take over my computer… twice. They said “buy our SkyBridge hotspot! That will solve the problem.” It didn’t, and I returned it. Then they said the radio itself must be broken. Well, I don’t know… Maybe it is broken, since I can’t access 70cm but I can access 2M. Really irritating as this started 1 month past the warranty.

Instead of using the jumbo hotspot, I thought I would try accessing the talk groups via the repeater using our local radio club ( Sierra Nevada Amateur Racio) code plug. So, I reset the radio, updated the firmware, and uploaded the newest codeplug off SNARS, entered my ID # blah, blah. I was hoping this would work, but the radio screen shows “can’t access repeater”… I don’t know if I’m having a senior issue or what. Wish I could try what I’m doing on a different radio to rule out a software or programming issue. If what I’m trying works on a different radio then I would now for sure my radio is broken. Don’t know how it could stop working when it’s only 15 months old and sits on my desk. Grrrr…

I know this is a can of worms tech supportwise. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks, Amy

Put on FM analogue and test it on that - if that works, then it’s probably programming.

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