2.5mm plug

Can someone tell me whether or not the 2.5mm plug for a push to talk button is the same for all frs radios, I purchased a headset for my motorcycle and the manufacturer said the length is different on some models and I am limited to the Motorola t5000 to 7000 type radios. And that Motorola has changed its design on its newer radios…Mike

A 2.5mm plug is different across manufacturers. If you’re worried about compatibility within the Motorola Talkabout line, I don’t think you need to be concerned as they have not changed their connector in many years. The Talkabout 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, FV, and SX series all use the same connector. I’m not sure what the other dealer was referring to, as the most recent Talkabout radio that I can remember with a different connector was the Talkabout 250 and this model had a 2 pin connector.

If you’re worried about other brands, Cobra is very similar to Motorola. A Motorola accessory will work with a Cobra radio, but not if it is pressed flush with the radio. The pin will need to be left about 1/8" outside to get a good connection.

Uniden also uses a 2.5mm connector, but it is proprietary.

Gee I wish I had seen this this morning :stuck_out_tongue:

I am using a set of cobra’s with a headset/integratr package from JM and my friend is using a generic ptt set I beleive similar to a black box hm 200 sold on this site.

Mine has been a bit erratic but nowhere near that of the other one. We did have one of the cobra ptt earpiece dongles and we did notice that both the jm and generic both were about an 1/8 off .

I guess I had not plugged it all the way since he could hear me but I could not hear him. A bit of inspection shows that the cobra’s plugs are just a bit short in the overall length but looking at the pointy end back they were the same as the others . Just by moving the plug a 1/2 millimeter got the generic one blasting my head off .:eek:

Made a washer out of a small peice of velcro with a hole puched in and the distance seems right on the jm. Will have to apply the same the the generic headset, though I will be going to the local hardware store looking for a suitably sized o-ring to fit on the end of the plug.

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