2 way radios site

im trying to create a 2way radio site that maps out where people have and are using
2way radios mainly everyone using family talk radios.

check it out and tell me what i should change


Note: im not trying to spam the boards im just not sure what to put next on there.

I looked at the site. couldn’t figure out the map though? maybe needs some instructions? neat idea.

oh, maybe registered members could say what kind of equipment they have if they want to trade/find something old and rare, etc?

I checked out the site, the only questions I have are: 1. When you say to program a radio to 12 two, what do you mean by that? I have a set of Cobra Radios that I am sure will work, but I need clarification. And 2. Can you REALLY turn a radio on while it is on the charger?


when i said channel ch.12 two is channel 12 privacy code 2 and yes having a radio on the charger turned on will act as a base station. i have one on right now.

since the last post i have taken the 2wayradios.tk site down and replaced it with dispatched.tk where in continuing the concept and more.
the concept i think is cool and i use it with friends and family.

About your radio codes page. Don’t these vary by location?
Would it be a good idea to post what location those are for/from?