2-Way radios recommendation needed

I am looking to buy 2-way radios for hiking use.
I do not live in US , so I do not need this GMRS feature.
I need range, longer working time, I’d prefer to have a way to use AA/AAA batteries (I don’t mind to recharge the radios at home, but if I am outdoors for a long time, I wish to have an option to operate them with batteries).

Can anybody recommend me models? I’ll appreciate any advice, aspecially based on personal experience.

What country you are in will make a big difference. Different countries allocate radio frequencies for different things- in the USA the FRS/GMRS bands are open to anybody to use with the inexpensive personal radios sold on sites like this.

In another country, those same frequencies could be used for something totally different, such as police or fire radios, and using a two way radio like the ones sold here could cause problems.

If you post what country you’re in, it should be easy to look up and see if FRS/GMRS radios are allowed by the equivalent of your country’s FCC…