2-way radios for Kitesurfing (waterproof)


I’ve browsed the whole web, but I did not find a suitable product for my needs yet.

What I need is to establish a 2-way communication druing my kitesurfing sessions. The ideal product would be something like this:

  • Waterproof receiver/transmitter
  • Not too large
  • Headset is very welcome

The closest thing I found are Midland’s 800 and 850 series GMRS 2Way radios, which should be waterproof, but I’m worried that the headsets are not even splashproof.

I know that there are some professional products out there used for teaching, but they are only oneway comm and receiver is integrated into a helmet, which I do not use.

Regards, Luka.

anybody knows about a more suitable device I could use?

A more suitable product for you may be a Marine radio. They use VHF frequencies and are made for use over water, so they are typically waterproof. I don’t have a lot of expertise in this area, but I would expect the accessories for these products to be waterproof as well.

Unfortunately we do not carry marine radios at this time so I can’t offer any specific product advise, but I hope this gets you on the right track.