2 Way Radio?

I’m a newish developer on Android, and I just want to make sure i meet the correct criteria before posting the app i have in mind for this forum and it’s members.

but, 2 way radio, i notice that there’s all kinds of radios being discussed here and i thought I might as well (once i have permission) add my own radio into the mix…

Inside android indeed all smart phones with wifi, they have the ability to create a hotspot to share your internet data, well as a programmer i decided to exploit the wifi radio’s in mobile phones that use Android…

typically, 9/10 wifi apps on Android will connect over wifi to a remote server, you can hear the person 10 meters away or 10 thousand miles away using a server hosted else where, but they require internet!

the odd couple of Android apps will use multicast, basically you send some voice data to the modem/router and then it broadcasts it out to everyone else (this is how my walky talky app comes in default mode) and a couple use Bluetooth (usually around 10meter distance) and i think even 1 uses Wifi Direct, but on older models only 2 devices can voice chat at a time…

So i choose the 3rd option, enable the phone as a wireless hotspot without the modem/3g/4g switched on (just confirm it’s off) so what happens is your phone becomes the hotspot, your friends connect to your wifi hotspot instead of connecting to your home wifi ap, they connect to your hotspot/AP

once all your mates connect to your phone, you all run the walky talky app and you can talk to them up to 100meters away (in open area) enough for you to be downstairs and them upstairs or just communicate throughout the home…

So anyway, permission to post a link to my app? (it technically is two radios or more talking directly to each other with voice, no popup ads, 1 small advert, and allows you to play games, work, etc with a floating microphone icon, something unique to this app)

Craig’s Walky Talky.

Thanks for listening, i can see here you’ve suffered from a lot of spam, and this is a genuine product for a genuine use, eg in italy and the quake, in that type of situation if all you have left is your phone and you really could do with a walky talky (eg, talk to me while i try and get help up top)

I sent a PM.

I’ve seen a few apps that use WIFI direct, using the wifi radios directly. I played with a couple. Range really isn’t what I’d call useable.

There have been quite a few phone to phone comms systems and none really seem as good as a cheap set of even bottom of the price range radios. I suspect it’s because real radios just ‘work’. You grab them, press a button and the voice comes out the other end. phone versions tend to need unlock codes to turn it on, then screen pushes to talk that need eyes to direct fingers. Unless you can fish it out of your pocket, and prod one button on the case and have it transmit, and have receive audio always on, they’re not replacements for two way radios, and the real biggie is can they do three or more at the same time?