2 way radio

I work in an outpatient surgery center and we have 2 procedures rooms. I would like to get the nurses 2 way radios to use to alert the staff in the recovery room they need help or supplies.
Each room will need a separate call tone, so the staff can identify the which room to enter.
The battery life nees to be at least 8 hours to cover the entire shift.
The area is close together therfore distance is not a problem.

It sounds like the perfect radio for you is the Motorola CLS 1110. It is a business radio that has 1 channel and supports 3 call tones. Because of their size, this model and the CLS 1410 (the 4 channel version) are our most popular radios for situations where short range communication is needed. They are the smallest radios that we sell and have lithium batteries that provide 12 hours of life.