2 Way Radio

I am looking for a 2 way radio which has good battery back up with chargeable options, serving at least the range of 3-5 miles guaranteed coverage. Could you please help me with few models and its probably cost, so that I can decide to place an order by Monday 23rd April 07

Hi, thank you for your question. Unfortunately, there are no consumer radios that will provide 5 miles of guaranteed range under typical settings. When we test the most powerful FRS/GMRS radios that we sell, the Midland GXT600VP4 and the Motorola SX700R, they typically deliver up to two miles of range in a normal city-type environment.

If you want the most range possible without purchasing a repeater system, you may want to look at some of our business radios. The Motorola AXU4100 and the BlackBox UHF radio both have 4 watts of power and will typically deliver 3 miles of range (up to 5 miles in ideal conditions). If the radios will be exclusively used outdoors, a VHF radio would provide better range than the UHF models that I listed above. The Motorola AXV5100 and BlackBox VHF models would be good choices.

VHF radios do not perform well inside steel/concrete structures, so if you intend to use them indoors a UHF radio would be the best option.

Can you tell me more about how you plan to use the radios, such as outside exclusively or inside/outside? Also, in what type of terrain will they be used? Range will be better in flat, open areas than in hilly or woody areas.



Danny; Please forgive my lack of knowledge of forum use and protocol. If you have advice I’ll gladly try to learn. I do know it is considered appropriate to search old threads so the same questions don’t get asked over and over. I think I have searched properly but I’m not sure and have not found the info I am looking for. So here goes!

I have searched on Google for GMRS repeaters and all I get is sent in a circle of reference but never any thing specific.

Can you tell me where and how to find information and repeater manufacturers for the GMRS band?

You may have more luck searching for a UHF repeater. A repeater typically wouldn’t be GMRS specific, it would work with any frequencies in the UHF range. You would need to have it programmed for the specific GMRS frequency that you needed.