2 way Radio for use in mine area ...

Hi everyone,

I would like a set of hand held small 2 ways that are capable of working within a mine area. Its open cut mine and its just so a few of us can keep in contact whilst in our trucks. (for personal talk not work related lol) The most trucks are ever apart is about 1 mile and most the time its like of sight.

Dont want to spend a fortune but also not after some cheap crap.

Please let me know what you guys recomend :slight_smile:

Thanx for your time.

Not knowing anything about the mine, we would need to know the radio frequencies of everything used in the area. There are safety issues in regards to what is allowable. This includes remote detonators, etc…

We use channel 79 and 80 for communication. All dets are wired.

If it’s not work related, you’re pretty much limited to FRS/GMRS (need licenses for each user if you use GMRS), or the eXRS 900 MHz radios.

Or the more expensive Motorola version of the eXRS type radios.

Range is line of sight, and not great if you’re inside a vehicle. The 900 MHz eXRS might do better from inside vehicles, but in any case, don’t count on more than a half mile range, up to about a mile max, from inside vehicles.

On what band???

Considering your accent in the original post I assume you are not in the US. Telling us where you are located would be a BIG help as radio bands are VERY different country to country.

lol you could tell I had an accent by my typing? incredible!

Yah im in Australia, and I have no idea about 2 ways and what band is is on? is UHF a band? As I know thats what the signs say. All I know is we only have 2 channels on our 2 ways one is 79 and one is 80, and I dont know how but we can talk on both and its the same channel if that makes sense?

They use hand helds in the mine also and they are able to go miles with them … but there is some sort of a solar panel type station thing that sits on top of the hill which I “think” is for the 2 ways to help them go into the pit? Not sure.

Sorry about the slow info, I have no idea about this type of communication.

And yes we are always inside a vehicle, which is probably the worse vehicle possible to communicate from as we have 3/4 of our sight blocked by the tub on the truck which is probably 1" inch plate or thicker …

Kenwood TK-290 and 390 are very popular mine radios. Most radios being used in or near a mine have to be IS certified.

“Channels” tell us nothing! We need Frequencies, Bands, etc.

Honestly. In mining areas, no one can safely give you advice. It is dangerous at best to give advice, when you haven’t given us the conditions. “Wired” blasting caps can still be set off by radio frequencies. Certain radio frequencies can set off blasting zones. Also, irreponsible use of radios during times of blasting will be dangerous.

Two-way radios can operate on many different frequencies, and these frequencies are assigned differently in different countries. Typically channelized operations are used, so that operators need not tune equipment to a particular frequency but instead can use one or more pre-selected frequencies, easily chosen by a pushbutton or other means.

Very good post. The best way to communicate in a cave or mine cannot really be determined by anybody other than an expert.

Absolutely! an internet forum is nowhere to post a queston where lives are at stake!