2-way FRS radio for indoor-use (hopistals)

I am working as a IT contractor which does PC replacements on hospitals (replacing out-of-warranty old PCs to new PCs on regular basis) and i am looking into a low-cost 2-way FRS radio solution, as my team members will need to report to on-site superiors in-case of on-site issues, which currently we can only do so with via mobile phone sms/calls, any recommendations ? will these FRS radios will have range issues within hospital environment (such as hospital equipments interference,high floors-includes multiple basement floors and as high as 8-9 floors)

would prefer models that supports usb charging and headphone jacks,and uses AA batteries if usb charging is not available.thank you :slight_smile:

These have USB charging: http://www.buytwowayradios.com/products/motorola/motorola-mr350r.aspx

And can use headsets:


With FRS though the range is just not going to be very good. They are UHF and will do ok in a building, but on the FRS channels there is not much power. We recommend eventually getting a business license and upgrading to something like: http://www.buytwowayradios.com/products/icom/ic-f4011-41.aspx

I hope you checked with the communications manager of the hospital. Some hospitals use wireless communications for their heart patients in ICU. I have seen a lot of them in the 460-470 MHz range, real close to FRS. If you interfere with their telemetry equipment they will not be pleased.