2 way for Hiking

So I am outdoorsey and like to hike and am looking for a radio for that purpose but I also wondering if there was a radio that has …

-Decent range (obviously this can vary based on surroundings and so forth)

-maybe a scanning function to hear what’s going on (fly on the wall sort of thing) not sure if this is “allowed”

-not looking interfere with others commo or broadcast on “thier” frequencies.

-could recieve/send to a less expensive and simpler radio for the kids

-don’t want to break the bank, just looking to play and have commo with the troops aka family.

Thanks any thoughts or ideas are greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi, there are a number of FRS/GMRS radios on the market that are specifically designed for outdoor activities, and for the most part the choice comes down to individual preference.
Podcast TWRS-29 - Camping With Radios (applies to hiking as well).

-Decent range
As you are probably already aware, is range limited, relative and subjective due to many factors. Some radios with higher wattage will perform a little better than others, but that isn’t the deciding factor.
Video - Radio 101 - The truth about FRS / GMRS two way radio range

Some high performance FRS/GMRS radios include:
Midland radios such as the GXT1000 or GXT2000 series
Cobra MicroTALK CXR925 and CXT1035R FLT (the MR HH450 DUAL is top-of-the-line but only supports GMRS as well as marine bands)
Motorola Talkabout MS350R
Olympia R500
Uniden GMR5089-2CKHS/GMR5099-2CKHS

-scanning function
Nearly all models above $20/pair offer some sort of scanning function

-not looking interfere with others
Nearly all consumer radios operate on “shared frequencies”, as the airwaves are public. However, many of these radios provide “interference eliminator codes” or “privacy codes” to filter out unwanted conversations from other parties on your radios.
Video -Radio 101 - Privacy Code Issues on GMRS Radios
Podcast - TWRS-08 - Talking Publicly About Privacy Codes

-could recieve/send to a less expensive and simpler radio for the kids
Nearly all FRS/GMRS radios can do this, since they all use the same 22 FRS/GMRS frequencies. The frequencies may be assigned to different channels, but the frequencies are the same.
Podcast - TWRS-40 - Fun With FRS

-don’t want to break the bank
There are FRS/GMRS radios available to fit almost every budget.

There is one more thing to consider. If you are camping, hiking or doing anything else outdoors, you will want to consider a radio with weather channels and weather alerts. Not all radios have weather channels, but many do, including all of the models listed above.

Wow that’s alot of info… Maybe it’s not wise but I bought a Baofeng 5vr and have been messing around with it. It’s super cool and somewhat confusing too :smiley:

One thing I didn’t see mentioned in the lengthly post above was that some services, like GMRS and amateur require FCC issued licenses and some services require radios that are type certified for that particular service. Some services such as FRS and MURS also have specific transmit power regulations. These are all factors to consider.

Perhaps not the best choice… The UV-5R is certified for Part 90 (Land Mobile Radio Service) which has some very specific requirements, including licensing. The radio is also capable of operating on the amateur bands, but that again brings up license issues. While it is capable of covering the FRS/GMRS frequencies, it isn’t type certified for those services.