2 Meter Set Up

I am not all that familiar with 2 meter. In fact I won’t get my tech license until April but I have been in study. What I would like to do is use a mobile 2 meter rig with a regulated power supply into a 1,500 watt linear amp into some sort of 2 meter base antenna. The reason for the amp is because I live on a remote island here in the pacific. The nearest repeater is over 80 kilometers away so I will have to use just plain frequency operation. Is it necessary for me to use an antenna tuner? Should I use the small mobile type coax or the larger standard coax? Whatever I use I will be grounding everything, rig, antenna, tuner, coax all to a common plate run into a deep metal ground rods.
Is this a good set up or should I “back up”?

Anybody? Any reply at all?

You would need no antenna tuner if you have a resonant antenna. You will not need 1500 watts to make a repeater 80km away.

I dont know if you are set up and working 2m yet but
if you get something like a good 2m yagi and 100 watts
you should be able to get the repeater with out issue.

no tuner if antenna is resonnant which it should be set that way

good luck and welcome to the HAM 2m Band


Since you live on a remote island, you might be better served by going on and getting your General Class license and operating on HF instead of 2 meter FM.

I thought the power limit for 2 meters for HAM radio was 200 watts?

1500 Same as most other amateur bands. Why anyone would need it, I don’t know, though.


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