2 channel radio

Is a 2 channel radio limited to channels 1 and 2 or can you change it to say channel 8 and 9? It is a Motorola RDU 2020 radio.

Not enough information. Many radios like that allow you to set the specific frequencies As channels. In theory, yes, what you suggest can be done. Again you didn’t provide the model of radio.

Motorola RDU 2020

Yeah. It can be programmed for whatever frequencies you are licensed to use. I’ts dealer programmable.

BTW: sorry I missed the model of radio on your original post… my bad :slight_smile:

You didn’t miss it, I edited to include the model number. :slight_smile:
reading the instructions I see where I can program the frequencies but it didn’t say anything about the channels.
To tell the truth I ordered this model radio by mistake. I would return them but to get another purchase requisition approved for something as trivial as “communication” would be like pulling hens teeth. I’m going to do everything I can to make these work.:rolleyes:

Yuo’ll need computer software to program (unless there is something in the manual I missed…). Each frequency is assigned a channel. If you have two channels, you can put one frequency on each channel.

These radios are user programmable. Follow the instructions on page 36 here: http://www.buytwowayradios.com/Products/Motorola/manuals/RDX-Non-Display-manual.pdf

There is no such thing as “channel 1, 2, 8 or 9” with regard to frequency. There are a set of predetermined frequencies that can be programmed into either of the two channels of THIS radio. A channel number does not correlate to a certain frequency like it would in let’s say a CB radio. You make channel one and two which ever two frequencies you want.


I do understand; the channel is an “identerfier” for a frequency. You could use abc if you wanted.