13.8 regulated DC Power supplies

Just bought a Midland MXT400 radio and trying to narrow down a good power supply for it. Just ordered a TekPower Analog Display TP30SWI 30 Amp DC 13.8V Switching Power Supply. Is anyone out there familiar with it? The specs looked good but they don’t tell how well it will hold up. Many thanks for anyone’s thoughts on that selection.

I am not familiar with that power supply. I use a Wouxun SPS31WIN with the MXT400 and various other mobile radios and it does the job. Midland doesn’t list the full power requirements and specs for their radio, but I would think most power supplies made specifically for mobile/base station radios that can handle a 30A load consistently should be able to work sufficiently.

As long as the PS will deliver more than the required voltage and current it should work okay. Pay attention to the Continuous Current Supply rating, not the Intermitant Current Supply rating. That ICS rating is for very short surges and isn’t much use for normal operations.
More than required usually means at least 20 percent or more. Closer to 50 percent really…