Zartek za708

Hi all, I’m looking for some advice. I’m probably just missing something small or stupid, but if you can please help.
My family owns three Zartek eco radios that we use for communication here on the farm. So yesterday I bought a Zartek ZA 708, I was assured both through Zarteks website and personal email that the 708 and the eco can communicate with each other. :o but for whatever reason I cannot hear the person on the talking 708 through the eco’s speakers or whatever you call it. I’m a complete novice with these things.
So if anyone can, please help me.

Hi, I am not personally familiar with these radios as I don’t think they are sold in the US, but according to the specs, both of these models use the same 446MHz frequencies, so they should talk to each other. However, they need be on the same frequency channel and they also need to be using the same CTCSS tone to hear each other. To set the correct tone, you will need following the instructions in the manual for each radio.

Keep in mind that even though both models may operate on the same frequencies, those frequencies may not be programmed on the same channels. In other words, the frequency 446.00625 may be assigned to Channel 1 on the new radio but may be assigned to a different channel on the old ones.

You will need to obtain the manuals for both models and check the channel and frequency tables printed in each one to get them talking to each other.

ZARTEK are made in South Africa.