Wow I like gmrs

Ever since I got my hand held gmrs radio
I been monitoring it .I hear repeaters
and traffic reports and weather and other
Interesting stuff just as exciting as cb radio
Oh the repeaters give time and weather
Do think truckers have gone to gmrs
Or sticking with CB radio?

I think, they will …

FCC allowed FM on the CB band in 2021, therefore many manufacturers started to introduce new models with FM, Right now, most of them dual modulation AM/FM but I see couple of them dropped the AM alreadt…

Although the FM CB mode offers reduced noise, it has less range. So truckers, will notice it. On the other hand GMRS offers more power, 50W, but it requires license.

Have they just allowed FM or AM on the same channels? That will surely annoy everyone listening when somebody calls on FM and horrible noises at max volume burst out of the speaker?

Yes :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

FM mode operates within the same 40-channel frequency (26.965 - 27.405MHz) band used for AM on CB radios…

I am not on CB, I don’t know the experience. But you are right, they might hearing FM noise.

What a strange thing to do, annoy both old and new users!