Wouxun KG-UV950p off frequency when cold (edited post)

I have a couple of Wouxun KG -UV950p quad band radio’s one of the 2 has developed a problem opening repeaters on 70cm when the unit is cold 40F it wont bring up the repeater as it starts to warm up it begins to bring up the repeater as it warms up more it functions normally.I found out it wasn’t the CTCSS but the radio is off frequency +3KHz on the UHF band only.VHF seems OK when the radio warms up it drifts down close to normal.I have been able to compensate by programing the repeater from 448.725 to 448.7225 since the radio is able to program in 2.5 steps.
Does anyone know if there is a service menu in these 950’s?

Thank you.

This is not going to be any help, so…
If the thing moves freq as you say I think I’d return it or sell it. It honestly shouldn’t drift at all. You’ve got a work-around so that’s good…

I did buy a new one and I’m using the temp sensitive one at work.It works fine as long as the temp doesn’t go below 60F.It wouldn’t be to hard to change a crystal.