Wouxun KG-679E use in the UK


Great forum, I’d like some advice on the use of this radio. I work in a local sports stadium which uses frequencies between 446 and 453Mhz UHF, which the radio can be set to. The specs say this is CE and FCC approved.


Are there any licensing/legal/technical issues with using this radio or would it be fine to purchase and use ?

Many thanks


Hi, Graham. I do not foresee any technical issues with using this radio, as it falls within the frequency range. A simple reprogramming to your exisiting frequencies should ensure compatibility. I’m not 100% certain on what licensing regulations are required in the UK. This radio IS FCC approved, but that is intended for use in the United States. You may want to check with a local radio dealer to make sure everything is in order before using this unit for your application.

Thanks for your reply Rob.
I’m just wondering why the radio is sold in the UK as an ‘Amateur Radio’ unit rather than as a ‘Commercial/Business Radio’ unit if it can cover the frequencies that the Business is Licensed for.
I think I read somewhere but can’t find the link that something as simple as locking it in Channel Mode with the frequencies already assigned along with a passcode to prevent it being changed into frequency mode. Satisfies the conditions of it being used for business use.:confused:

This is the radio I am looking at :


which has all the same specs as :


Both are classed as HAM Transceivers on the website, but the 703 is sold for business use in the UK whereas the 679 isn’t. So am a bit puzzled.

Since I am not from the UK I cannot say with certainty, but I am guessing that it is likely the keypad that makes the difference. The KG-679E has a full keypad, the KG-703E does not. If a radio can function on frequencies outside of those allowed for business use and it is fully programmable from the keypad, that would allow any user, such as an employee, the ability to inadvertently change the frequency to one that is not licensed for that user or business.

If the radio does not have a full keypad, such a risk is eliminated, thus ensuring compliance with the rules or laws regarding the use of the radio on business frequencies by the individual user.

Here in the US, some ham radios with full keypads can be FCC Part 90 certified for business use if the keypads can be locked to prevent such an occurance. The rules may be different in the UK. You may want to check with OFCOM, the Office of Communications in the UK, which is the equivalent of the FCC in the US.

Thanks for the reply, I suspect it is due to the keypad, and have contacted Ofcom but no reply yet.
Other manufacturers have keypads on Icom, Kenwood etc for business use in fact the current radios in use have keypads on.
With the Wouxun it is programmable that can be set to channel mode so users cannot access the freq mode and also the menu button disabled, so all the users can operate is the PTT switch and the channel select buttons.
That was mentioned in another forum somewhere but would like official clarity on it

Quick Update :
Had a response from OfCom

“Are you buying this handset in the UK or importing it? As long as the handset is CE marked there shouldn?t be any issue.
You?ll see when making an application for a Business Radio Licence that we don?t ask any questions regarding make/model or manufacturer.”

So all in all sounds fine for the KG-679E