Which Radio Do I Need?


I am a dispatcher at a small moving company. A cheap little company, so this is a personal purchase to be used at work. At least it’s deductable.

We have three locations. The office building, where I am, is a metal pole barn with office space fitted inside. One satellite warehouse is a concrete structure four blocks away. The other is a metal sided building about the same distance in the other direction. Between all of the structures are ground level buildings with no hills.

In a month I go in for ankle surgery which will keep me at my desk. I have to keep in contact with my warehouse guy, who can be at any of the locations at any given time.

Is there an affordable pair of two-ways I can count on to reach him at these various locations?

Thank you

I believe that communications over 4 blocks of dense structures, with both radios being inside structures, is pushing the range of a “bubble pack” style GMRS radio. Something like a Midland GXT710VP3 would give you the best shot.

The best radio for your situation would be a true business grade radio, such as the Motorola XU2100. I am certain that model would give you the coverage you need.