weather channel

I have a new Cobra two way radio model li 6500.Can you help me? Nowhere in the instructions does it tell you how to get on the NOAA weather channels, or if it does I can’t find it.

Here are the steps to listen to a weather channel on a Cobra LI6500:

To listen to All Hazards Radio channels:

  1. Press the Mode button until the WX (All Hazards Radio) icon, the currently selected All Hazards Radio channel, and signal strength are displayed.

  2. Use the Channel Up or Channel Down button to change All Hazards Radio channels.

  3. WX (All Hazards Radio) icon will continue to be displayed when All Hazards Radio is on.

Choose one of the following:
a. Press the Mode button to proceedto other functions.
b. Press the Lock/Enter button to exit All Hazards Radio channels mode and return to Standby mode