VX-354 programming lock? Possible to bypass? Or am I missing something?

Pretty short and sweet: I picked up a VX-354 from eBay to mess around with on GMRS. Got programming software, got cable, downloaded from the radio successfully… only to find anything I program in doesn’t take. After a seemingly successful upload the programming in the software goes back to the original and the radio doesn’t change.

Maybe I’m missing a step.

I also have been unable to find a programming guide, only the basic alignment info in the service manual. If such a thing exists I’d love a link.

There are two versions of the Vertex Standard VX-354, the VHF (AD) and UHF (AG). Which version do you have?

Hey Rick,
It’s the UHF version.

I’ve continued messing with it and have gotten to a point where somehow it’s now actually programmed with 1 channel on 480.000

That’s obviously not the frequency I’m wanting, but at least it indicates there likely isn’t a lock on it.

What are the general steps for programming a radio with CE86? Is it as simple as download, change settings, upload?

I’ve never programmed the VX-354 however if the software is anything like the software for the VX-261 then check to see that the channels are actually highlighted (which means they are operational in the radio) so if you click on the number ( channel #) on the left you will see they will turn black or grey. Grey means not used and black show that they can be programmed and will be in use once uploaded to the radio.

Kydera radios do this when their firmware is the new version and you use the old cps. Switching to the later cps makes the new programming active. You don’t get error messages, just a perfect, error free, nothing!