I’m a new member but I don’t see much about Uniden.I just ordered a pair of
2089’s and would like to hear how they size up with moto,midland,etc.

Uniden makes good radios. They are a great value and their top end models have some hard to find features, such as voice scrambling, direct call, and auto channel change. Our user Richard_Cheese posted a Uniden GMR-1588 review not too long ago.

For years, Uniden shipped their radios with an individual charger for each radio instead of the single dual pocket charger that you see with all consumer radios now. This was a nice niche for them, as a surprising number of customers are looking for this. Unfortunately to cut costs they have now gone to the dual pocket charger like everyone else.

Uniden tends to fall through the cracks for a couple of reasons: range and accessory selection. The range, while good, is not quite up there with Midland. Uniden also has a proprietary connector for their accessories, and they do not offer many accessory choices. Since their radios are not the most popular, you don’t see many aftermarket accessory companies making products for their radios

I’m sure you will enjoy your Uniden 2089’s. They are very good, full featured radios. Please come back and let us know how they worked for you.

I tried these out when I went shopping.I couldn’t reach home from the mall but did reach home on my way back.It would have been around a mile to a mile and a half.I was mobile at the time.Very clear on both ends. I will post again after I get more use out of them.So far we are satisfied with them.