Two versions, Mid. GXT800VP4?

In searching the web, I’ve seen two different pictures of Midlands GXT800VP4. In one the radio’s antenna is about 1" longer and the charger is wider with charging cups at 90 degrees to each other. The other has shorter antenna and the radio’s sit back to back in charger. Could this be early and late version? Also, one has MD.# above LCD display, other doesn’t. Would like to get the longer antenna, but probably doesn’t make any difference. Midland denies any changes, but it looks clear to me. Anyone else notice this.

The ones with the longer antenna are the latest version, and the longer antenna does make a difference. That is the one to get.
The guts are the same , but the difference is in the range and sensitivity.

Thanks Richard, I was hoping that was the case. I e-mailed Midland and the rep denied any changes, maybe he just didn’t bother to check with product development. Now the problem is to find out what which web vendors have the new version. Kind of hard to talk with them and describe what I’m looking for. Don’t want the old stock. Ken.

I would contact Danny who runs this web site and ask which one he has in stock. I am sure he can get the one you want.

I just wanted to add that the version of the Midland GXT800VP4 that we stock is the latest. This is our best selling consumer radio and our stock never sits on the shelf for more than a couple of weeks. We order direct from Midland as well, so we don’t have to worry about getting stock that a distributor has sat on for months.